Two-Time Tailgate Taste Fest Participant, Hooters to Showcase Chicken at 2015 Event

Two-Time Tailgate Taste Fest Participant, Hooters to Showcase Chicken at 2015 Event

TAMPA, FL – A staple in the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years, Hooters has established itself as a leader in producing delicious, high-quality chicken. Luckily for fans of Tampa Bay’s Vintage Beverages Tailgate Taste Fest, Hooters is back for a second consecutive year to delight the taste buds of all patrons in attendance. Participating in the “chicken” category once again, make sure you swing by the Hooters’ station for a taste of their delicious tailgate sample at Curtis Hixon Park on October 3.

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About: “Several years ago while playing Parcheesi at “The Home for the Visually Offensive,” several semi-intellectual Clearwater businessmen had a sudden urge for the smell of rough sawn lumber and/or the taste of Buffalo style chicken wings. Knowing full well that they couldn’t agree on anything as a group, nor could they get a weekend pass from the “home” to go to Buffalo, they decided to embark upon a major undertaking. They would open a place in Clearwater where other people of their caliber could gather and quench their thirst for the finer things in life.

Their venture, however, got off to a slow start. After announcing their plans, the “Hooters Six” (as they are now called) were promptly arrested for impersonating restaurateurs. There were no indictments, but the stigma lingers on.

There were many obstacles ahead, not the least of which was procuring a suitable location. After months of negotiations and a heated bidding war with “Wells Brothers Disposal,” who wanted to use the building for a giant walk-in Dumpster, terms were agreed to and 2800 Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard, Clearwater, Florida was theirs.

A rendering of the original Hooters restaurant…”

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